Are You Safe Online? – Security Checklist 2023!

FREE Tools:

Use a secure email provider. Don’t use Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo. Use Proton.Me for all future email communication.
Install Ublock Origin (Windows/Mac/Linux) It can be installed on any browser and will block advertisements, popups, and scammers.
Always turn on 2-Factor authentication for all your accounts. Every account that you log into should be protected with 2-factor authentication via a phone number (weak) or an authenticator app (Strong; Aegis, 2FA, Google Authenticator, etc)
Use Bitwarden (android/ios/PC) to save your passwords and create strong passwords.
Use to shop online. It creates burner cards that hide your real card number.
Paid Antivirus is a nuisance than a real help now. Uninstall it. Windows comes with Antivirus already installed called Windows Defender that has been proven in antivirus labs to be as reliable if not more than paid antivirus from Norton, Mcaffee, AVG, etc.

PAID Tools:

Buy a NordVPN subscription if you want to hide your data from hackers and stalkers.
What is a domestic VPN? Any VPN that is based in one of the 14-eyes countries. If it’s based there then the government can and will spy on you. It is a waste of money and a good way to get on a federal agency’s list.
If you need help with any of this, I will install all of this for you FOR $125 in my shop. Tools are free. Time is not.
One-time fee saves you 8 hours of headache talking to a scammer from “Microsoft technical support” that steals your credit card, and you end up in my shop with a much bigger fee.
Call for an appointment at 434-288-0098!

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