Do you want to print out photos? Go to Walmart or Walgreens.

Do want to print anything out at home? Buy a laser printer.

Laser Printers are faster, more reliable, and CHEAPER than Inkjet printers. Inkjet printers are meant to be cheap and disposable. As soon as the ink cartridges it came with run out; you might as well toss the entire thing in the trash.

Ink companies sell Inkjet printers at a loss, so they make it back with ink cartridges that cost them 10-25 cents to produce then sell it to you for $50 or more. Refilling your cartridges is a messy process, and most printers will not recognize the refilled ink cartridges.

The real scam with inkjet printers comes from the ink in the box. The ink that comes with inkjet printers only last 50-100 pages at most. They call them “starter cartridges” and it’s basically a way to hook you into using their printer and then coming right back to pay for the ink.

Laser Printers use toner, which uses heat and film to print your documents. Ink will dry up if you don’t use it, but Toner DOES NOT.

Back in the day Laser printers were much more expensive than inkjets. Now you can get a budget model for the same price or maybe $10 more. A laser printer can print around 30-60 pages a minute on average. Your average inkjet printer? Maybe 1-2. That is if it doesn’t get jammed or something goes wrong mid-print.

Many laser printers can use 3rd party toner cartridges just fine, and I have been using them for years without any problems.

You could get 3000+ pages printed for around $17 vs. 300 pages printed for $50 with an inkjet printer.

At this point, there is absolutely no reason to get an inkjet printer. Technology has moved on from 1-hour photo to SD Cards. There are kiosks all over Walmart, Target, and even Walgreens that will print out your pictures faster and cheaper than buying an inkjet printer.

Check out our recommended printer list now and save yourself thousands of dollars over the next five years or so.

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