Do you need your computer to be portable?

If yes, buy a laptop.

If no, buy a desktop.

Desktops & laptop computers have many pros and cons to them.

Laptop Pros:

Simple, all in one portable machine.

Saves space on your desk.

Fewer wires and mess.

It has a built-in keyboard, mouse, monitor, all in one so it can be cheaper.

Laptop Cons:

More expensive to have repaired.

Many parts of the computer are so expensive to fix that it would be better to shell out another $500 for a new one.

Performance to Price Ratio is low.

Not Modular or upgradeable in many areas. An expensive laptop will only have the power of a desktop that’s probably 1/2 the price.

Desktop Pros:

Price to Performance Ratio is very high. A $500 desktop will perform almost the same if not better than a $750-1000 laptop.

Parts are readily available for affordable prices.

You can upgrade almost anything on them.

Completely modular. Every part can be replaced in a desktop, and now it’s common for desktops to include WiFi and Bluetooth for wireless connectivity out of the box.

Desktop Cons:

Not portable.

More wires and mess.

We love both laptops and desktop computers. If you are a gamer, who wants to play the newest titles at maximum resolution with excellent performance, get a desktop. If you want portability and simplicity, then get a laptop.

Gaming laptops do exist, but in all honesty… they are a ripoff. You could get a gaming desktop from $500 and up that will play all your favorite games just fine and then a cheap $300 laptop for everything else. For $800-$1000, you could have two computers that do everything you’d ever want for LESS than the $1400 laptop with the fancy lights.

Gaming laptops are overpriced, under-powered, and often have more parts that can fail than your average laptop. They are pretty… but they aren’t a great investment vs. having a gaming desktop & a regular notebook.

Check out our picks for the best desktops and laptops at every price point below:

Recommended Desktops

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