How Do You Stay Anonymous Online?

Short answer. You don’t. I know that’s heartbreaking, but you can’t. The internet was not built for people to be anonymous. That doesn’t mean you should give up and start giving everyone your life story, though.

You can take some precautions to ensure you are at least safe from most non-government and non big tech companies. Those two you will never escape, but stalkers are much easier.

Here are a few ideas you should try and implement if you’d like to be more private online and not have people stalking you and your family.

1. Delete all social media or use a fake name on them that only your trusted friends & family know if you MUST use it for some reason. Social media is the first target of any future employer, romantic interest, or stalker. Social media is inviting people into your life without your consent or knowledge. Please get rid of it.

2. Don’t tell anyone online your real name, address, social security number, workplace, relationship status, who you are dating, who you dated before, and who your parents or other family members are. Most stalkers & social engineers run their scams by letting you talk and give info voluntarily through “friendly conversations.”

3. If you have any accounts with Amazon, eBay, or any other online retailer, change your name on the mailing address to anything else. If your name is John Smith, name yourself JT or Jack Torrence. Your name doesn’t matter on a mailing label. Only the address matters. You never know who has access to those databases, and if there is a breach, you are much better off than those who gave up their name.

4. Avoid any services that require your ID, passport, or other information to sign up. You don’t want it out there, period.

5. Use a VPN (like nordvpn) at all times. That way, if someone is on a Skype call or other connection with you, they won’t be able to get your actual IP Address.

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