Is Tor Browser worth using in 2023?

I am sure you have heard of the TOR Browser. It’s said to be the ultimate privacy browser. Unbreakable security. It will push your computer through multiple other computers like an “onion” hiding your identity from the federal government or hackers. It’s your gateway to “the dark web” or “the deep web” which ever you prefer to call it.

My answer… Don’t. Just don’t. There is NO tool out there that can escape the government or big tech’s reach. This is not a movie. This is real life. 

They spend BILLIONS of dollars to spy on you every year. Installing a browser, some add-ons, and using some magic network will not stop them. If anything it will put a target on your back.

“How can they find me? I’m going through many other computers aka Nodes that hide me.”

You never know who runs those computers that your data is being fed to “anonymize” you. It could be FBI servers, some hacker’s computer, or who knows where it’s going.

You may think government surveillance is bad, but look at the news right now. When is the last time we had a terrorist attack? How many mass murder events were prevented because law enforcement intercepted communications between two people planning it on Facebook or text?

Am I saying the NSA should know what you do in your bedroom between consenting adults? NO. But they prevent a lot of things we will never know about because of this surveillance.

Now I want you to rewire your mind when you think about “PRIVACY” and change that phrase to SECURITY. What can you do to secure yourself and protect your family online? Stop trying because you can’t hide from the federal government or big tech. You can protect yourself and your family in other ways from security threats online from scammers and stalkers. That’s how you should approach “privacy” from now on.

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