What is the Best Browser in 2023?

What is the best browser in 2023? Is google chrome the best browser? Is Edge worth using in 2023? Let’s talk about that.

I’ve tried every browser under the sun over the years, and I’ve come to some conclusions. Whether they are popular or not, time will tell, but here are my picks for the best browsers that I would recommend my clients use in 2023.


  1. Librewolf. This browser is a spin-off (aka a fork) of Firefox. It’s Firefox without all the spying and data collection. It’s just as fast, secure, and the easiest out-of-the-box solution if you want privacy & security. It is open-source and well-maintained by a community of privacy-minded developers.
  2. Brave. Brave is the Librewolf equivalent for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. It takes what’s great about those browsers, and takes out all the data collection & puts your privacy first. The former lead developer of Firefox developed it, and is well-known to be private, secure, and user-friendly.

Neutral List:

  1. Vivaldi and every other Firefox/Chromium fork that are not listed. I’m sure they are okay. They don’t offer anything that Librewolf & Brave don’t already provide.

Avoid List:

  1. Google Chrome. It’s a privacy nightmare. It’s fast and popular because, for years, Microsoft Edge / Internet Explorer was awful. Even if you don’t want to use something like Brave, you can use its open-source counterpart called Chromium or countless other forks not directly developed by Google.
  2. Microsoft Edge. It’s Chrome, but Microsoft instead of Google. I like it for a default browser, but to be honest, in the last few years, it’s become troublesome with its nagging about “do you want to use our recommended settings,” aka forcing you to use Bing instead of Google. It’s bloated with a lot of Microsoft apps you’ll never use. It’s a mess now.
  3. Firefox. Firefox is not a bad product. However, it is developed by a group that has recently made some disturbing statements that we do not endorse which make us feel uncomfortable recommending Mozilla products moving forward.
  4. Opera. Chinese spyware. Not worth your time or effort. No need to explain further.
  5. DuckDuckGo Browser. It’s false advertising. It’s not private or reliable.
  6. Anything offered by an antivirus (avast safe browser, etc). It’s just more garbage meant to sell you something.

If you have any issues installing our picks, please give us a call at 434-288-0098, and we will help you in-store or at your home for a small fee. Thanks for reading.


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